A living willow dome to the Wildlife Park “La Torbiera”

Have you ever heard about organic architecture?
What you see in these photos is an example that we have realized in collaboration with the Wildlife Park “La Torbiera” of Agrate Conturbia (Novara).

It is a dome built with living willow. The building evolves over the time to become an organism able to grow and anchor itself firmly to the ground. The microclimate inside the dome is optimal for humans even at higher external temperatures.

Is there a little space in your garden for this sort of gazebo?
The living willow dome is considered a modern form of ecological design, a perfect symbiosis between nature and architecture. It is a completely organic building with diameter of 6 m. and height of 4,50 m.; it has an octagonal plant and it has been realized with 32 semi-arches made with 450 willow rods.

It was built using the Mudhif technique. It is a very old process, dating back to the Sumerian canes building system.
In the 80s Marcel Kalberer, a professor at the University of Stuttgart and coordinator of the Association of German artists and architects Santfte Strukturen, suggested willow constructions with the aim of aggregation: his goal is to create a public building for leisure and strengthen the relationship of people with nature.
Inspired by the works of Kalberer, we have developed the project that you see in these pictures.